Cut Christmas Tree

Each year we pride ourselves in carrying only top quality Cut Christmas Trees and a variety of species. This year (2018) We have (while quantities last) Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce and Scotch Pine. We take great care to process each tree for your enjoyment through the Christmas Season. Please watch this breif video of our process.

Our 🌲’s are tied up cut from the field and hauled to the nursery where they are sorted by sizes and put through the process as shown.

1st we shake the 🌲 to remove debris and bugs that are naturally in a 🌲

2nd we make a fresh cut on the 🌲

3rd each 🌲 is drilled to accommodate a tree stand and aid and water consumption.

Finally each 🌲 is stood for you to chose from.

We have a large selection processed now for you to chose from 🎄🌲🎄


CUT Christmas Tree Care


The MOST ESSENTIAL need of your cut tree is WATER. DO NOT LET IT GO DRY. Check stand and add water with Prolong as needed. While some shedding (needle dropping) is normal, if you should fail to keep the tree in water AT ALL TIMES, your tree will start to drop its needles excessively.

When you bring your tree indoors immediately add WARM water to your tree stand – warm water allows the pores to open. The first couple of days the tree should drink vigorously. Check water level frequently.


We recommend the use of Prolong, which causes the tree to absorb more water than usual, keeping the tree fresher longer. Prolong is NOT harmful to children or pets. (See bottle for dilution information).


Merry Christmas from jason Wilkinson Nursery